Born dynamic

The latest BMW 3 Series brings a new level of dynamic refinement to the 3 Series’ great design tradition.

With its elegantly dynamic profile and attractive trim and equipment lines, this car is undeniably a product of the 3 Series family. And yet the newest BMW 3 Series certainly boasts its own unique style – thanks to an international team of BMW Group designers responsible for shaping every facet of the new model.

“Many of our customers spend a lot of time in the car. For some, their car is their second home. So it is up to us to create an atmosphere inside where drivers can feel at home.”

Christian Bauer “We work with state-of-the-art CAD simulation ­programmes in the design department, of course. But no computer can ­realistically recreate the arcs and contours of such a complex vehicle, or the interplay of light and shadow. And so, classic tools, like paper, wood, tape and industrial clay, are still among the most important materials we work with.”

Felix Staudacher “For me, design is in the details. Even the tiniest detail, like an audio button, contributes to the overall impression.”

Christian Riech “The new BMW 3 Series is almost like a cosmopolitan young woman with a fine eye for beautiful accessories. A person with taste like that is not going to wear just any old shoes, but only those that truly express her personality. We developed accessories just like that – the wheel rims – for the BMW 3 Series. Anyone who has seen the car will confirm that it really paid off.”

“From the side, the BMW 3 Series Sedan appears to be all muscular surfaces and sweeping lines. This stretches the car visually, making it appear even more dynamic.”

“No one person is like anyone else, so why should everybody’s cars have the same features? For the first time, the BMW 3 Series now offers three different trim lines – Modern, Sport and Luxury – with design elements specially tailored to different customer groups.”

Adrian van Hooydonk “The design of the new BMW 3 Series reimagines classic BMW design icons and forms a bridge between the model’s successful design history and a modern, precise aesthetic.”

“Seven degrees. Not five, not nine – it has to be seven degrees. That is the exact angle the BMW 3 Series centre stack is tilted towards the driver. It may be just a detail – but it makes a difference to the sheer driving experience.”

Marc Girard “The dashboard’s horizontal lines are characteristic for BMW. They give the interior structure and create a feeling of peace and lightness.”

Christopher Weil “When I think of BMW, I think of the BMW 3 Series. It is the definitive sports sedan for me.”

Manfred Meier “BMW stands for the emotional use of forms and the interplay of different surfaces that can only be developed on a real clay-model.”

Karim Habib “The new BMW 3 Series Sedan looks new and exciting, but you can still see its links with past generations.”

“We also carried the typical sportiness and agility of the BMW 3 Series over into the interior design. Its surfaces and flowing lines open up dynamically, guiding the eye towards the road. The dashboard’s horizontal elements also create structure and harmony.”

“The interior of the new 3 Series is classic BMW. Its strong driver orientation ensures easy access to all the main controls.”

Oliver Heilmer “Proportions. Surfaces. Details. That is what interior design is all about. Making the right statement and finding the right balance is a tremendous challenge.”

Marc Girard “How do you visualise lightness? We built a layered wooden sculpture to represent our up to date answer to this question. It immediately brings the idea of multi-layering to life.”

“A lamp is a lamp – and therefore, first and foremost, a functional element. But at the same time it is also a defining design component. The art lies in placing maximum functionality, innovation and effectiveness into the smallest possible space.”

David Carp “It takes more than 48 months of hard work from initial sketches to the start of production of a new model. During that time, we have to flesh out the main design elements, define the details and, above all, calibrate the vehicle’s hundreds of interfaces.”

Documentation about the design of the new BMW 3 Series